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We believe in the highest standards of Property Management services and select only the most qualified candidates for our portfolio. This willcreate a safe, respectful and enjoyable environment for all of residents within each community and also protects our valued clients and their investment properties.


Please go to the For Rent page of our website for a complete listing of available Rental Units.

Upon finding a suitable rental, you can send showing inquiry from the website or email vip@vanakproperties.com to arrange a showing with one of the VIP Agents.


Once you have viewed the unit, fill out and sign our Online Application Form (if there are insufficient data provided for current tenancy status, employment and references, application will be rejected automatically).


All applicants will need to bring in a copy of their Government issued photo identification (such as a passport and/or drivers license).

Our office Admin will then verify Background checks within 24-48 hours; and it includes Credit, Employment, Landlord, and Personal Reference checks. In addition, Pet references (if applicable) are required.


If applicable, you may also be required to supply the following:


  • Immigration Status (e.g. Permanent Resident, Work Visa, Student Visa, etc.)
  • Letter of Enrolment in an Educational Institution
  • Letter of Employment (or Offer of Employment for new positions)
  • Your Financial Records (Pay Stubs or, if Self-Employed, Financial Statements, Income Tax Assessments and/or a letter from your bank/certified accountant, stating you are a client in good standing and are capable of paying the rental amount required each month).


Also, we are well aware that “life happens”; and sometimes people have experienced struggles in life which may have adversely impacted their Credit Reports. In these cases, a Guarantor will be required.


To qualify as a Guarantor:


  • The Guarantor must be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident
  • The Guarantor must supply all of the above information and sign all documentation, including the Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • The Guarantor will be responsible for all expenses involved in tenancy (as applicable) such as Rent, Liquidation Damages (breaking lease), cleaning/damages costs, bylaw fines, and move in/out fees

The Guarantor understands that he/she is responsible for all of the above for the entire duration of the tenancy, including any extensions, (which applies to all of the occupants of the Rental Unit), and not just for the term of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. An Acknowledgement of the above will be required in writing.